Two Cubs Meet An Adult Tiger For The First Time – The Result is Too Adorable

The BBC know how to churn out a good documentary or too. Informative and enjoyable, their cameramen are the best in the world at capturing wonderful wildlife moments on film.

Take this this clip from one of their latest nature series; “Tigers About the House”. Here tiger expert Giles Clark from Australia Zoo introduces two rescued tiger cubs, Spot and Stripe, to their first grown-up big cat.

The adult tiger is Maneki, a nine-year-old female who had never seen cubs before. It was a new experience for all involved.

The footage taken from the meeting is simply adorable. Maneki and the cubs immediately start chuffing to one another, which is apparently their distinctive way of saying hello.

It’s also used by mother tigers to comfort their cubs. According to Zookeeper Clark the fact the cubs and the adult are doing this is a great sign. It means that Maneki (and the other tigers) will welcome Spot and Stripe and that all of them should get along.

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