This Fox Was In Trouble, Thankfully Help Was Not Far Away

Recently, the team over at the Wildlife Aid Foundation were called out to help rescue a cute little fox cub. The poor little dude had obviously been watching a bit of the Euros on television and thought he would have a go at kicking a ball around himself.

Only the sports net was on someones backyard, and the fox ended up getting tangled in the net.

Unable to free himself, the frightened pup came to the attention of the house owners after he began yelping in fear. Luckily, his rescuers were there within a short time and knew exactly what they needed to do to get him out safely.

Not that anyone could ever blame the people whose garden it is, however as an extra precaution if you have sports nets, equipment, and other items in your yard, it can be a good idea to roll them up or stash them away.

And it is a damn good job nobody had bought a croquet set and left it in the yard. Could you imagine the poor little devil getting caught up in one of the croquet wickets, that would definitely be a nasty sight. Just as well the sport is losing popularity in the UK. That being said, we happen to think it is a lot of fun here at BuzzPaws.


Croquet, harmless middle class fun – until someone or something gets caught in the wicket

So back to the point of putting your garden sports equipment away once you have finished. Not only is it good discipline for your kids to tidy up before heading inside for dinner, you will also ensure you don’t have any surprises when you wake up in the morning.

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