Stray Puppy Shakes Rescuer’s Hand After Being Saved From The Street

This incredibly cute 6-month-old pup named Fram was found roaming the street in Romania. As you would expect from a poor dog left alone to fend for itself, Fram was riddled with fleas and had mange.

Thankfully, the Romania-based rescue group Howl of a Dog were there to help. After taking him in, his rescuers gave him a nice clean bath a check-up, and some medicine to help clear up his fur.

But just watch this video. For a little pooch that has only known the hard life roaming the streets, it is amazing to see how much love he has for his new carers.

But the good news gets even better. A mere day after Howl of a Dog posted the video story about Fram to YouTube, they announced that they had found a forever home for the adorable dog. Fran will be making his way to the UK where his new loving family awaits.

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