Sisterly Love – Cat Won’t Leave The Shelter Without Her Sibling!

Blood is thicker than water, and that while that is well known among humans, it is wonderful to see evidence of it too in cats.

Take these sweet five-month-old orange and white tabbies for instance. After a potential adopter took one sister out of her cage, the cute little kitty jumped straight back in to start kneading her sister.

The Cumberland County Animal Control Shelter took this as a massive sign that the cats had to go to their future home together. The shelter has vowed that they will not be parted, and has since sent them to the same foster home.

Just watch this video to see the adorable sisterly love in action. Our siblings may tease us, and get on our nerves from time to time, but the simple fact is the bond that we have is a strong one – no matter the species.

[image credit: acebook / Katies Furever Furbabies Sanctuary]

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