Rottweiler Eve, Pulled Her Paraplegic Owner From A Burning Truck

Kathie Vaughan owes her life to her Rottweiler Eve. Back in 1991, the clever pooch was there to save Kathie from an exploding truck.

Kathie had purchased the truck that very morning. She was driving it back to her house when it suddenly began to fishtail. Thankfully she managed to regain control of the vehicle and bring it to a safe stop.

As it turns out, her situation was far from safe. The cabin interior was filling fast with noxious fumes and black smoke.

For most people this would not have been a problem, they could just quickly jump out, the worst thing to happen would be the loss of the vehicle.

However, Kathie is a paraplegic–paralyzed from the waist down by multiple sclerosis. Her truck was on fire and it was very difficult for her to remove herself quickly from an explosion that could occur any second.

Eve pulled her owner 40 feet to safety away from the blaze

Eve pulled her owner 40 feet to safety away from the blaze

Kathie shoved her Rottweiler Eve out the door, along with her wheelchair. But due to the thick black smoke, she could not find the wheels to the chair. That’s when Eve, her dog, proved herself to be a true hero.

By this time Kathie was close to blacking out. That’s when she suddenly felt Eve grab her by the ankle and drag her ten feet away from the truck.

Kathy drew in the much needed air and realised she had to get further away. The truck could still explode. However she ached with pain and found she could hardly move. Eve sensed her need and bent down to offer Kathie her collar. Kathie held on tight as the brave dog dragged her a further forty feet to safety.

The firemen eventually extinguished the blaze. And Eve was awarded the prestigious Stillman Award for bravery.


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