Pampered Pooch Loving A Good Long Belly Rub

Lakomi the wolf dog was found wandering alone in the woods when she was just eight months old.

At first it was assumed she was born and partially raised in captivity as she wore a harness designed for a little pup. However, because she had grown and the harness had not been removed, it had begun to sink into her flesh.

After hours of surgery, they removed the harness and Lakomi began to recover.

However, although the wounds were able to heal, Lakomi’s temperament was a different issue all together. She did not trust humans at all. Despite all the efforts from her rescuers Lakomi remained largely anti-social.

Until, one day a new carer came on board that knew how to pamper the wolf dog into submission. After just a few months of work with her, including the all important time dedicated to belly rubbing, Lakomi became a whole new wolf dog… as this video so wonderfully demonstrates!

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