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A House Cat Defends Its Home Against All Odds

Canines are the species that you normally think to when it comes to which animal is best at defending our homes. However, you would be unwise to overlook your cat. Especially if this little feline…

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Hero Cat Scares Away A Giant Black Bear

While most cats are quite content to sit around, eat sleep, maybe a bit of exploration to stretch their legs and not much else – the brave feline in this little video is something of…


A Majestic Rare White Giraffe Found In The Wild

Giraffes truly are very unique animals. With their long necks and placid manner they really are a sight to behold if you were ever lucky enough to come across one while on Safari. Even a…

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Oh to be a Cat

We all know that cats get it easy… Life for the average feline involves eating, napping, eating a bit more, and napping a lot more. In between they may play for a while and give…

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