Orphaned Cheetah Babies Cuddle Their New Dad… A Dog

Where do 5 fluffy little cheetah cubs turn when they find themselves orphaned – well to Blakely, a five-year-old Australian shepherd. Their home, the Cincinnati Zoo & Botanical Gardens in Ohio.

The cubs, three boys and two girls were born via C-section on March 8. However their mom Willow tragically passed away afterwards due to complications with the surgery.

With Blakely around, all is not lost however. He has been given the important job of becoming a surrogate parent for five cuties, acting as a warm snuggle buddy for the cubs to climb on.

Of course, when they get bigger it will be a whole different family dynamic.

Blakely stepped in because he has helped raise orphaned animals at the zoo before. He previously looked after a cheetah cub named Savannah, who has grown up to be big, healthy and happy thanks to the help of this loving pooch. He is quite the super-dad wouldn’t you agree.

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