A Majestic Rare White Giraffe Found In The Wild

Giraffes truly are very unique animals. With their long necks and placid manner they really are a sight to behold if you were ever lucky enough to come across one while on Safari. Even a visit to the zoo, the majestic encounter with a giraffe is something you will never forget.

So imagine how officials in Tarangire National Park felt after spotting a giraffe that has even more beautiful traits than most. Somehow, this particular giraffe is a different color to her peers. It turns out that her skin cells lack the ability to make pigment, so she’s actually white.


The photos of this rare specimen were posted to the Wild Nature Institute’s website, and have since gone viral.

Because of her distinctive white appearance, she has been named “Omo,” by locals. This is a popular brand of detergent in Tanzania, which of course is also white. Each to their own I guess…

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