Howling Husky Actually Begs For Bath Time

It’s unusual for a dog to enjoy bath time. They might like to jump in the lake, or splash in the sea, but when it comes to the confines of the bathroom and a tube of shampoo – well let’s say they are normally less than pleased about the general ordeal.

Zeus, the adorable Husky on the other hand absolutely loves bath time. So much so, when it comes to getting out of the bath he is known to have a bit of a tantrum.

According to his owner, the stubborn dog will often get in the empty bath unprompted and begs for the water to be turned on.

On the¬†occasion shown in the video below, Zeus’ mom stated that bath time would be later and that it was now walk time. But he wasn’t having any of it, and began a temper tantrum, full of whimpers and howls.

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