A House Cat Defends Its Home Against All Odds

Canines are the species that you normally think to when it comes to which animal is best at defending our homes. However, you would be unwise to overlook your cat.

Especially if this little feline was yours. Here we have a video of a cute kitty deciding to defend the homestead, against a foe a lot larger than him too.

There he is, minding his own business sitting inside his warm house near Whistler when he spots a bobcat sitting outside the back door. The bobcat is clearly a lot bigger than our hero, however he still stands his ground. Check out the brave little fur ball in action.

1 Comment on "A House Cat Defends Its Home Against All Odds"

  1. just_add_bacon7 | May 1, 2016 at 1:34 am | Reply

    “That’s right, you better run!”

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