Hero dog saves 14-month-old boy from drowning in the family pool

We love hero dog stories here at Buzzpaws and this one is truly exceptional.

People all over America have family swimming pools and it is a parent’s worst nightmare to imagine their baby boy or girl falling into the water unsupervised.

Well this is exactly what happened to Patricia Drauch from Marcellus, Michigan in June 2012.

In the end she was very lucky to have Bear, her four year old Black Labrador close by at the time.

While walking from her garden to the garage, Patricia believed that her 14-month-old son Stanley was following close behind.

“Stanley usually follows us around and I went into the garage to put away some stuff and came back out,” Drauch told ABC News. “Just in a moment, he wasn’t behind me.”

Frantically she began searching around the house and into the garden and that is where she found her son, lying face-up in the family swimming pool.

“It was scary. His lips were blue. His eyes were rolled back,” Drauch said. “It was the scariest feeling and the image stays in your head for a long time.”

Patricia Drauch with son Stanley

Patricia Drauch found her son face up in the family swimming pool

If Stanley’s face had been in the water this story would have ended very differently. The fact was, Bear was in the swimming pool too. He had jumped in after the drowning toddler and was balancing the boy on his back so that his head was above the water.

“He wouldn’t move in the pool,” Drauch said. “He didn’t bark. He didn’t move. It was like he was afraid to move at all until I got Stanley up out of the pool and that’s when Bear came up out of the pool with me.”

Stanley was unresponsive when Patricia pulled him out of the water. She immediately tried to call 911 but was unable get cellphone reception.

In a panic she gathered Stanley and her other children, jumped into her car and headed to the emergency services. The closest being Marcellus fire department less than 2 miles from her home.

While on the road, Drauch was able to get through to 911 and as she was describing her emergency to the dispatcher, Stanley began spluttering and regained consciousness.

Patricia soon arrived at the fire department, where first responders examined the boy, who was conscious, alert and in good condition. He was then taken to Three Rivers Health by his parents, where he was treated and released a short time later.

Though there were no witnesses to Bear’s heroic rescue, Cass County Undersheriff Rick Behnke told News 8 that the vomit found in Drauch’s car was evidence that Stanley ingested water before expelling it — confirming the idea that the toddler nearly drowned before being propped up by Bear.

“From the information we have, it seems to pan out,” Behnke said. “It’s an amazing story. The dog is a lifesaver. That’s all I can say.”

Hero dog saves 14-month-old boy from drowning in the family pool 3

Best of friends – little Stanley with life saving dog, Bear

And of course for Patricia Drauch, Stanley and the rest of the family, Bear is a true hero.

“We all believe that if it wasn’t for Bear he would have sunk down,” Drauch said. “It was incredible to see Bear holding him up like that.”

She added that the family dog had been trained from a young age to care for her children.

“I’ve always told Bear growing up, ever since he was a pup to just watch over his babies,” Drauch said. “I’ve always told him that they were his babies too.”

(Sources: Huffington Post, ABC News, News 8)

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