Dog Reunites With Family After Being Missing for 9 Years

In 2006, Lloyd Goldston and his family were packing there belongings and moving from their home in Tennessee to start a new life in Alabama. Tragically, before they could complete the move, their one year-old Boxer mix went missing.

After giving up all hope of ever seeing their beloved pooch again, last week, a full 9 years after going missing, Goldston received an email from Foothills Animal Shelter in Golden, CO. It said that they may have found his long lost dog, Boozer.

Dog Reunites With Family After Being Missing for 9 Years

Despite the time that had passed, Goldston still had a folder of photos of the family dog. These, along with the micro-chip check, confirmed that the dog was indeed their missing pet of almost a decade.

On Aug. 7, Goldston, along with his son and daughter, drove 18 hours from their home in Alabama to reunite with their dog.

During the emotional reunion last Saturday, Goldston told shelter volunteers, that Boozer “was never gone from our hearts.”

Dog Reunites With Family After Being Missing for 9 Years 1

The dog had been taken in by the Foothills Animal Shelter on Aug. 2. It turns out that the family that had originally adopted him from a rescue group in Tennessee, had moved to Denver and were no longer in a position to look after him.

The shelter said that dog surrenders under such circumstances are not uncommon. It is routine practice to check for microchips as a precaution just in case the dog went missing in the past.

“To say it was emotional would be an understatement,” said Jennifer Strickland a rep at the Shelter. “Boozer is naturally friendly dog, but about 15 seconds went by and you could tell it really hit Boozer. He got even more excited. There was a real connection. It was wonderful to see.”

(Sources / Image Credits: ABC NewsDaily Mail, Sky News)

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