Devastated At The Disappearance of Her Dog Two Years Ago — They Suddenly Reunite

Two years ago, Debbie Petranck lost her her pug-nosed terrier Zeus. He wandered too far from home and clearly became lost. He could not be found.

And Debbie did not give up in her search. Every single week she put an advert in the local newspaper asking if anyone had seen her dog. It got to a stage where Debbie thought she’d never see Zeus again.

But then something amazing happened.

After 2 years she got a call from a shelter more than 1,000 miles away.

It turns out Zeus had been picked up by a man who saw the adorable little pooch wandering around a fast food restaurant near his home in Ocala, Florida.

After taking him in, the pair moved to Detroit. Fast forward to present day and Zeus once again wandered off.  This time he was found by Dearborn Animal Shelter. They checked his microchip and Debbie’s name and address came up.

After driving all night to go pick him up, the video below is of them reuniting once more. Beautiful.

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